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Knowledge Is Your Armor

Readers will learn:
• The importance of understanding the Cancer Patient’s Bill of Right
• Why personal choice plays such a huge role in your fight against cancer, and how to exercise yours bravely and wisely
• What attributes make for an effective cancer caregiver
• How to define your resources (for example, who will cook for you, clean for you, drive for you, as needed)
• Where to find the emotional support both you and your cancer patient will need throughout the battle
• How to deal with the financial impact of cancer

The truth about cancer myths, such as:

All cancers are created equal.
The Saving of Gordon discusses the four cancer “cash cows” (lung, prostate, breast, and colon cancer), the many other rare forms of cancer, the difficult combination cancer diagnosis, and the different approaches necessary to find a treatment facility for each of these.

Every cancer treatment facility can treat most types of cancers.
• This is a deadly myth. Even the best cancer treatment facility will tell you that they are better equipped and educated to treat some types of cancers than others.

You will use the same treatment facility for all of your cancer care.
You could be diagnosed at one facility, have your cancer treatment regimen defined at another (where you may or may not have some or all of your treatments), and then your “home base” facility may provide some of your care. Sound complicated? It is. Cancer is a complicated disease.

Every oncologist can treat most types of cancer.
No. No. And no. Just like all specialists, there are special specialists. Expect the best for your type of cancer. Find the oncologist you feel is best using the W-I-N method defined in The Saving of Gordon.

Cancer is different from other diseases, because:
• Cancer must be treated successfully the first time; mistakes can be critical
• There are over a hundred different types of cancer, which makes treating each of them more complicated
• Every cancer patient is different; you can treat hundreds of patients with the same type and stage of cancer, and they can have hundreds of different results

The Saving of Gordon was written to empower all of those who must wage a war against cancer.

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