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Praise for The Saving of Gordon

“My business partner Celia died from lung cancer on Christmas Day of 2006. I wish I’d had access to this book during those dark days, weeks and months after her diagnosis. The Saving of Gordon doesn’t pretend to have “all the answers.” What it does, better than any book I’ve read on the subject, is help you get your hands around the questions. Joni Aldrich has written a practical, powerful and movingly written companion that will guide patients and those who love them through the most arduous journey they’ll ever face.”
~Dottie Dehart

“I am so pleased Joni has written this. It is the kind of book we need for those dealing with cancer and this cancer in particular. A dear friend of our family, a physician, died of the same thing about two months ago. Between my patients and friends, sometimes there is just too much of this thing called cancer.”
~Susan Apollon

The Saving of Gordon propelled me into the world of cancer with a delicate force. It exuded love and heartache, yet taught me invaluable lessons about how to truly understand a diagnosis and how to combat this disease with intelligence and awareness. Joni turns a cancer diagnosis into a mission to rally and fight for proper treatment. Her guidance led my father to seek a specialist for his cancer, and now my family and I know he is receiving focused, proactive care.”
~Suzanne Hanna

“For eight years, I have traveled the path of breast cancer. Thanks to my husband, Tom, my battle has been filled with faith, love, courage and hope. As I read about Joni’s cancer trials with the love of her life, Gordon, I understood every twist and turn of their travels and all of the emotions that were involved. Joni’s heart is filled with a sincere desire to share her experience down cancer’s path to help others know the road is long and difficult, but filled with many treasured moments. With a loving heart you can have a dramatic impact on a cancer patient’s journey!”
~Carlene Smith

“Having lost my first husband to leukemia at a very young age, I have gone through a similar experience to what Joni went through with the joy, pain, and struggles of seeing her husband loose his fight to live through cancer. Her book is a one of a kind. She writes from her heart and tells it like it is. Great inspiration!”
~Becky Walser

The Saving of Gordon is a book that will hold the hand of the reader throughout the cancer journey.”
~Lisa Davis, Host of It’s Your Health Radio

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