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Speaking Opportunities

WANTED: People who need cancer education and inspiration.

Throughout her professional career, Joni has used her public speaking ability to promote other companies. Now a new page is opening. Focusing on reaching out to those with cancer, caregivers and family members affected by a cancer diagnosis, those who hear her seminars will come away with new direction, drive and determination to conquer the devil known as cancer.

Speaking from personal experience and extensive analysis, Joni relays honest and straightforward information in seminars about these and other cancer-related topics:

How to Web Your Cyberlifeplan
Researching Your Cancer on the Internet

Cancer Basics
When the “C” Word Invades Your Life

Building a Winning Team Against Cancer

The W-I-N Method
Finding the Right Cancer Treatment Facility

The W-I-N Method
Finding the Right Primary Oncologist:

Cancer Treatment 101
General Information to Know Before You Go!

The Unbendable Team
The Patient/Caregiver Bond

Are you able to be a cancer caregiver?
“The faint-hearted need not apply.”

The cancer village.
A community of angels near and far away.

“I believe that knowledge and strategy are the keys to attacking cancer and waging a more effective war through to remission.”


Connecting through Compassion